How to solve Boya M-1 mic not working on PC

If  this problem haven't solved yet then i will definitely help you to solve this problem with some working methods

Boya by M-1 mic not working solved

your mic will start working on your Computer 100% guaranteed, you just have to apply these methods

method :-
Connect your mic to the right input slot of mic
or check your pc supports TRRS pin or TRS pin as shown in the image
boya mic not working on pc

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method 2;
go to setting then click on input devices and see there that your mic is working or not,
if it shows some blinking then it may be working but not properly if doesn't show any blinking
then click on run troubleshoot for mic.
method 3 
download the latest driver if you haven't the latest sound driver then the problem also occurs
you can search on google " realtek high definition audio driver " with your windows type with bit and download and install it and then try the mic again.
method 4:
make your boya mic button on camera side.
method 5:
check the battery of the mic if it is discharged or place it with new one
make sure to properly install the battery, if don't how to place the battery properly then check on the manual to install the battery the right way.
method 6: 
Go to control panel
then click on hardware and software and then click on sounds
your connected mics will show on recordings click on that mic and go to properties after that open levels and make it to 100%  and then click on apply changes and ok.
if mic starts working then click on configure speech recognition and configure it accordingly

Hope these methods will work for you.
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