How to customize windows pc in 2023 with third party software

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Title: A Guide to Customize Your Windows 10 PC with Third-Party Software in 2023


Windows 10 offers a high level of customization, allow users to personalize their PC experience. While the operating system provides various built-in customization options but the third-party software can take it a step further by offering additional features and customization possibilities. In this article, we will explore some popular third-party softwares and guide you to customize your Windows 10 PC in 2023.


Rainmeter stands out as a highly recognized tool for personalizing your desktop. Through rainmeter, you have the ability to elevate your desktop experience by incorporating widgets, system monitors, weather updates, and various other enhancements.. To acquire the software and explore the diverse selection of skins, kindly visit the official Rainmeter website at

Start10 or Open-Shell:

If you miss the classic Start Menu from earlier versions of Windows, Start10 or Open-Shell can bring back the familiar interface. These tools allow you to customize the Start Menu's appearance, add or remove tiles, and tweak various settings to match your preferences. Start10 from Stardock ( and Open-Shell from GitHub ( are popular choices for restoring the classic Start Menu experience.


Fences is a desktop organization tool that helps you declutter your desktop and keep it organized. It allows you to create customizable containers called "fences" to group and organize your icons. Fences not only enhances the visual appeal of your desktop but also improves productivity by providing an organized workspace. Find Fences at and start tidying up your desktop.

Wallpaper Engine:

If you want to bring your desktop to life with animated and interactive wallpapers, Wallpaper Engine is the perfect solution. Wallpaper Engine offers an extensive library of dynamic wallpapers that can respond to music, display system information, and provide an immersive visual experience. Visit and discover a whole new level of desktop customization.

Winaero Tweaker:

For users seeking more in-depth customization options, Winaero Tweaker is a powerful tool worth exploring. With Winaero Tweaker, you can modify various aspects of Windows 10, including the Start Menu, Taskbar, File Explorer, and more. This tool empowers you to personalize the appearance, behavior, and functionality of your operating system. Download Winaero Tweaker from and unlock a world of customization possibilities.

Classic Shell:

While no longer actively developed, Classic Shell remains a popular choice for customizing the Start Menu in Windows 10. It enables you to change the Start Button, menu style, and behavior, providing a classic Windows experience. Although it may not offer the same level of ongoing support as other tools, Classic Shell can still be found on reputable software download websites.

Customizing your Windows 10 PC with third-party software in 2023 allows you to go beyond the built-in options and customize it according your preferences. Whether you want to add widgets, restore the classic Start Menu, organize your desktop icons, or apply dynamic wallpapers, the third-party software mentioned above can help you achieve the desired level of customization. 

Remember to download software from trusted sources and stay attentive about security to ensure a safe and enjoyable customization experience. 

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