The best 5 AI image generators of 2023

ai image generator 2023
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Best AI image generators

How does AI image generator works?

🔍 AI art generators work on artificial neural networks to convert text or images into unique images. They use machine-learning algorithms and patterns recognition to create images based on input.

AI Image generator or AI art generator is almost same thing
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Midjourney is a highly popular AI image generator that has gained significant popularity since its release in July 2022. With an impressive user base of 14.5 million registered members as of June 2023, Midjourney stands out for its ability to create visually stunning and realistic images. The platform offers a wide range of variations and allows users to upscale their desired images to a higher degree, showcasing its versatility and creative potential. 

Pros of Midjourney AI Image Generator:

1.Realistic output: Midjourney is known for producing highly realistic AI-generated images, making it one of the most impressive image generators in terms of visual quality.

2.Upscaling capabilities: The platform allows users to upscale their desired images to a higher degree, enhancing their resolution and quality.

1.Limited features: Midjourney may lack certain advanced features like image import, manipulation, or outpainting, which could limit the creative possibilities for some users.

2.Restricted access via Discord: As of June 2023, Midjourney is only accessible through Discord, which means users need to have a Discord account to use the service. This limitation may inconvenience those who prefer other platforms or integration options.

Lensa AI

Lensa AI is an all-in-one image editing app for Android and iOS devices. It uses Stable Diffusion learning model and offers features like magic correction, background change/blur, special effects, and lifelike image creation.


1.Magic correction for facial retouches: Lensa AI provides advanced tools for enhancing facial features, allowing users to achieve professional-looking retouches easily.

2.Background manipulation: Users can change or blur the background of any image, providing creative options for enhancing the overall aesthetic.

1.Limited platform availability: Lensa AI is currently only available for Android and iOS devices, lacking support for web or desktop platforms.
.Distorted avatars: Some users have reported that certain avatars created by the app can appear distorted or have strange facial features, potentially affecting the overall quality of the generated images.

Night Cafe

Nightcafe is an AI image generator that stands out for its ability to transform simple text into authentic and creative images. With a variety of styles and creative options, Nightcafe is a versatile tool for generating digital art.

pros of Night Cafe:
1.Beginner-friendly: Nightcafe has an easy-to-use software with an appealing and convenient website interface.

2.Customization options: Nightcafe allows users to customize the amount of detailing in every image, including textures and colors. 

Cons of Night Cafe:
1.Processing speed: Some users may find the processing speed of Nightcafe AI to be slow. This can be frustrating, especially when generating multiple images or working on time-sensitive projects.

2.Limited availability: The provided information does not mention the availability of a dedicated app for Nightcafe

Starry AI

Starry AI is a remarkable text-to-picture AI image generator that stands out among the best in the industry. With its unique granular tool, users can create personalized images with a level of customization that surpasses many other AI image generators. The platform offers two distinct sections, Altair and Orion, allowing users to choose their preferred output. 

Pros of Starry AI:

1.Granular Tool: Starry AI offers a unique granular tool that allows for greater personalization in creating images compared to other AI image generators.

2.Digital Art Organization: The ability to organize art into different albums or collections makes it convenient for managing and categorizing generated images.

Cons of Starry AI:

1.Limited Editing Options: Starry AI's editing options are somewhat limited, primarily focusing on size and color customization. Users may find the lack of advanced editing features restricting.

2.Variable Image Quality: The quality of generated images from Starry AI can vary, requiring users to spend time mastering the prompting process to achieve the desired results.

Dall E-2

Dall-E 2 is a highly advanced AI image generator that has gained significant recognition in the market. Developed by OpenAI, it is the successor to the original Dall-E and offers remarkable improvements in generating high-quality and high-resolution images. Dall-E 2 utilizes a diffusion model, which allows it to create images with enhanced details and four times the resolution compared to its predecessor

Pros of DALL E-2:

1.Exceptional image quality: DALL-E-2 is renowned for producing stunning and high-quality images. It leverages the power of generative adversarial networks (GANs) to generate realistic and visually appealing visuals.

2.Broad range of style options: The AI model of DALL-E-2 can generate images in various styles, allowing users to explore a wide range of artistic possibilities.

Cons of DALL E-2:

1.DALL-E-2 may have restrictions on certain prompts to ensure content appropriateness and avoid generating offensive or inappropriate images. 

2.Variable image quality: While DALL-E-2 generally produces high-quality images, there can be some variability in the output.

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