Windows 10 hidden features that only 01% people knows

windows 10 hidden features

 Windows 10 hidden features

 Here are a few of these lesser-known features of Windows 10 that are worth exploring:

1. God Mode: With "God Mode," you can create a folder and unlock a hidden control panel that contains all of Windows 10's settings in one place, providing easy access to advanced options. . To activate it, create a new folder on your desktop or anywhere you prefer, and rename the folder to the following:


Once renamed, the folder icon will change to the Control Panel icon, and opening it will give you access to a comprehensive list of settings and options.

2. Clipboard History: Windows 10 has a built-in clipboard history feature that allows you to store multiple items in your clipboard. To enable it, go to Settings > System > Clipboard and toggle on the "Clipboard history" option. You can then press Windows key + V to open the clipboard history and access previously copied items.

3. Quick Assist: Quick Assist is a built-in remote assistance tool in Windows 10 that allows you to provide or receive remote technical support. You can find it by searching "Quick Assist" in the Start Menu. It enables you to share your screen and control another person's computer or receive assistance from someone else.

4. Snip & Sketch: Windows 10 includes a simple screenshot tool called Snip & Sketch. Press Windows key + Shift + S to activate it and capture a portion of your screen. You can also open the Snip & Sketch app directly from the Start Menu. It provides various explanations and sharing options to enhance your screenshot experience.

5. Storage Sense: Windows 10 has a storage management feature called Storage Sense that helps you free up disk space by automatically deleting temporary files, emptying the recycle bin, and more. To access it, go to Settings > System > Storage and toggle on the "Storage Sense" option. You can customize its behavior and schedule automatic cleanups.

6. Emoji Panel: Windows 10 offers a built-in emoji panel that makes it easy to insert emojis into your documents, emails, or social media posts. Press Windows key + "." (period) or Windows key + ";" (semicolon) to open the emoji panel. It provides a wide selection of emojis, symbols, and kaomoji for quick insertion.

7 .Windows Game Bar: Gamers can run the Windows Game Bar for enhanced gaming experiences. Press Windows key + G to open the Game Bar, which allows you to capture screenshots, record gameplay videos, access Xbox Live features, and even stream games using the built-in broadcasting functionality.

Remember to keep your Windows 10 operating system upto date to ensure you have the latest features and security enhancements. Applying these hidden features can enhance your productivity and make your Windows 10 experience even more productive.

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