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AI video Editor apps 2023

ai video editing apps

How does Ai video editors work?

AI video editors works on artificial intelligence technology to enhance video editing capabilities and makes the process faster and more efficient

Nova Ai (online video editor)

  • 🎥 Nova A.I. is an online video editing and logging software powered by a computer vision video search engine.
  • 🌟 Nova A.I. offers a range of video editing tools, including subtitle generation, text-to-speech generation, video translation, video merging, and video resizing.
  • 📐 Nova A.I. allows for automatic resizing of videos to adapt to different social media platforms.
  • 📷 Nova A.I. provides access to a vast digital asset library, including stock footage, royalty-free audio, and studio-quality images.
  • 🚀 Nova A.I. offers training for both large production studios and everyday content creators.
  • 🌌 Users can join hundreds of creators on a mission to Mars and explore Nova A.I.'s capabilities.
  • 💬 Users have praised Nova A.I. for its ease of use and the generation and translation of subtitles.
  • 🌐 Nova A.I. is seen as a state-of-the-art video search and production platform that saves time and money for content producers, users, and videographers.

Adobe Premier Rush 

  • 📱 Adobe Premiere Rush is a powerful video editing software for Android devices.
  • 💡 It offers a wide range of AI-powered features for professional-level video editing.
  • 🎥 The automatic video editing function uses AI algorithms to analyze footage and create polished, cinematic videos.
  • 🎞️ Scene detection technology enables seamless transitions between shots, making the editing process faster and more efficient.
  • 🌈 Advanced color correction technology allows for customized color grading with just a few taps.
  • 💪 Adobe Premiere Rush is suitable for content creators and social media influencers on the go.
  • 📥 It can be downloaded from the Google Play Store or the Adobe website.


  • 📱 KineMaster is a popular and feature-rich AI video editor for Android devices.
  • 💡 It offers advanced scene detection technology for seamless transitions between shots.
  • 🌈 The app uses AI algorithms to automatically enhance the color and brightness of footage.
  • 🎞️ KineMaster provides a range of AI-powered filters and effects to make videos stand out.
  • 💪 It is a great choice for content creators looking to create professional-looking videos on Android.
  • 📥 KineMaster can be downloaded from the Google Play Store.

Quik by Gopro

  • 📹 GoPro Quik is a video editing app designed for action camera footage.
  • 🌟 It offers a range of AI-powered features such as SmartCut technology, AI color correction, AI Music Detection, and AI Action Zone Detection.
  • 🎬 The SmartCut technology analyzes your footage and creates high-quality videos with seamless transitions.
  • 🌈 AI Color Correction automatically adjusts the color and brightness of your footage.
  • 🎵 AI Music Detection adds music that matches the tempo and style of your footage.
  • 🏃‍♂️ AI Action Zone Detection highlights the action in your footage, focusing on key moments.
  • 🎥 Quik supports video stabilization, slow-motion video, and offers a fast and simple editing process.
  • 💻 GoPro Quik is a superb AI-powered app for Android, available for free on the Google Play Store.
Light Cut Ai video editor
  • 💡 LightCut is a free AI video editor with rich video templates and effects.
  • 💡 The app offers an auto video creator that can turn your videos and photos into high-quality video stories with just a few seconds of analysis.
  • 💡 LightCut provides easy-to-use templates for creating trendy videos in various styles such as travel, road trip, fashion, and more.
  • 💡 The app offers creative shooting templates and step-by-step guides to help users capture fascinating footage and create eye-catching videos.
  • 💡 LightCut includes professional editing tools such as video trimmer, cutter, slow/fast motion, filters, effects, and transitions.
  • 💡 The app features a large collection of fully licensed music for adding to videos.
  • 💡 Data privacy and security practices are implemented, and user data is encrypted in transit.
Kapwing AI video editor (online)
  • AI-Powered Editing: Kapwing utilizes artificial intelligence (AI) technology to automate and enhance various aspects of video editing.
  • Wide Range of AI Tools: Kapwing offers a variety of AI-powered tools, including text-based video editing, video generation from text prompts, automatic transcription and subtitles, meme generation, and more.
  • Easy and Accessible: Kapwing's AI tools are designed to be user-friendly, accessible, and free to get started. There is no need for complicated downloads or setup.
  • Smart Features: Kapwing's AI-powered video editor includes features like Smart Cut for removing silences, background removal, text-to-speech for narration, and Magic Subtitles for animated subtitles.
  • Generate Original Content: Kapwing allows users to generate new video content by simply typing a short text description, which is then transformed into an AI-generated video with footage, transitions, music, and subtitles.


  • 🎥 YouCam Video is a cutting-edge AI video editing app that offers exceptional features such as AI-driven effects, background blur, motion tracking, and object recognition.
  • 🎥 YouCam Video allows users to retouch videos, apply AI-powered effects, and refine backgrounds for a professional look.
  • 🎥 Key features of YouCam Video include AI effects synced to body movement, AI background blur, face filters with AI-powered face detection, and AI face retouch for smooth skin and blemish removal.
  • 🎥 YouCam Video is recommended as one of the best choices for easy and amazing video creation.

Benefits of using AI video editors

  • Time-efficient automation of tasks like stabilization and scene detection speeds up the editing process.
  • Accurate analysis enables precise edits, object removal, and intelligent clip selection.
  • AI tools extract valuable information for tagging, organizing, and generating captions or subtitles.
  • Streamlined workflows with intuitive interfaces and smart suggestions simplify editing for beginners and professionals.
  • AI-driven features like style transfer and visual effects enhance creativity and storytelling.
  • Scalability allows handling large volumes of video content effectively.
  • Cost-effective compared to hiring professional editors, with affordable pricing models.
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