Top Sony home theatres (2023)

 Sony Home Theatre

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Sony SA-D40 4.1 Ch Multimedia home theatre Speaker System with Bluetooth

sony sa d40 home theatre
  • 😎 Sony SA-D40 is a 4.1 channel multimedia speaker system with Bluetooth.
  • 🎶 Offers powerful bass with a large subwoofer and 80W output.
  • 📱 Allows wireless music streaming through Bluetooth from mobile devices.
  • 📺 Designed for use with TVs, PCs, and music players.
  • 💻 Features a USB port for easy connectivity.
  • 🖤 Comes in a stylish black gloss speaker finish.
  • 📜 Includes a remote control for convenient operation.
  • 💰 Available for ₹10,490 with 13% discount from the original ₹11,990 price.
  • 📡 Connectivity: Wireless, Bluetooth, USB.
  • 📐 Features CENTRE and FRONT SPEAKER ENCLOSURE TYPE: Bass Reflex.
  • 🔊 Front Speaker Dimensions: 10.6 x 18.8 x 9.6cm.
  • 📦 In the box: Speaker, Subwoofer, Remote Commander, AC adapter, Stereo mini cable, Instruction manual, Warranty card, Dry batteries, Foot pads.
  • 📚 Technical details include total power output of 80W, 4.1 channel audio, and Bluetooth connectivity.
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Sony HT-S20R 5.1ch Dolby Digital Soundbar Home Theatre System 

sony ht s20 r home theatre
  • 🎵 Sony HT-S20R Real 5.1ch Dolby Digital Soundbar for TV with subwoofer and Compact Rear Speakers, 5.1ch Home Theatre
  • 📺 Dolby Audio: Enjoy high-quality surround sound from 5.1 separate audio channels with Dolby Digital.
  • 🎬 5.1ch Surround Sound: Real surround sound with rear speakers and external subwoofer, delivering dynamic, immersive cinematic sound.
  • 🔊 Power Output: 400W power output for an impactful audio experience.
  • 📶 Bluetooth Connectivity: Easily stream content via Bluetooth connectivity.
  • 💿 USB Playback: Play music from a memory stick via the USB port.
  • 🎶 Sound Mode: Different modes available, including Auto, Standard, Cinema, Music, Night, and Voice.
  • 📺 HDMI Arc and Optical Connectivity: Connect soundbar to TV via single cable connection.
  • 💲 Price: ₹17,943 (25% off from M.R.P. ₹23,990)
  • 1 Year Warranty
  • 📺 Several model variants with different configurations and pricing.
  • ⭐ Highly rated product with 4.5 stars.
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Sony HT-S400 2.1ch soundbar Home Theatre

sony ht s400
  • 📢 Sony HT-S400 2.1ch soundbar with Powerful Wireless subwoofer
  • 💰 The soundbar is priced at ₹23,490 with a 19% discount from the M.R.P. of ₹28,990.
  • 🌐 It offers multiple connectivity options, including Bluetooth, USB, Optical, and HDMI ARC, making it versatile for different devices.
  • 🎵 S-Force Pro Front Surround and Dolby Digital technology create cinematic surround sound, enhancing the audio experience.
  • 🎶 The wireless subwoofer provides deeper and richer bass sound for immersive audio.
  • 📺 The soundbar can be connected to a TV using HDMI ARC or optical connection, reducing cable clutter.
  • 💼 The package includes a 2-year warranty.
  • 📱 The soundbar can also be controlled wirelessly using a compact remote control and convenient OLED display.
  • 📺 The setup supports easy connection to Sony BRAVIA TVs with wireless functionality.
  • 🎛️ The soundbar offers various sound settings, including Voice mode, Night mode, and Sound Field, enhancing the listening experience for different content.
  • 📐 The soundbar features a stylish, wall-mountable design and a simple remote control for convenient operation.
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Sony HT-S40R Real 5.1ch Dolby Audio Soundbar Home Theatre System

sony ht s40r
  • 🔊 The Sony HT-S40R Soundbar is a 5.1-channel home theatre system with a subwoofer and wireless rear speakers.
  • 🎵 Rear speakers should be placed slightly above head height behind the seating position for optimal sound experience.
  • 🎶 Left-right sound separation is clear through the rear speakers.
  • 📦 The product arrived in excellent condition and is easy to install, with no need for a Sony technician.
  • 🎧 The soundbar offers good virtual surround sound, especially with TV support for ARC mode, DTS, and Dolby Atmos.
  • 📶 Bluetooth and USB connectivity are quick, without connectivity issues reported by the reviewer.
  • 💡 This sound system is suitable for normal-sized living rooms and provides excellent audio quality.
  • ⚠️ Some downsides include the lack of Dolby Atmos or DTS:X support and potential cable management issues.
  • 🌟 Reviewers recommend the Sony HT-S40R Soundbar for powerful and immersive audio experience at a budget-friendly price.
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Sony HT-G700 3.1ch 4K Dolby Atmos, 3.1ch Home Theatre

sony ht g700
  • 😊 Sony HT-G700 is a 3.1ch Dolby Atmos/DTS:X Soundbar with wireless subwoofer.
  • 🎶 Offers 400W of surround sound with Bluetooth, optical, and HDMI connectivity.
  • 📺 Designed for TV, home theater system, and 4k HDR entertainment.
  • 💰 Priced at ₹38,790 with a 25% discount from M.R.P. of ₹51,990.
  • 🎬 Features Dolby Atmos and Vertical Surround Engine for immersive audio.
  • 🎶 S-Force front Surround technology for more natural sound fields.
  • 🎵 Audio Enhancer for improved audio quality.
  • 🎵 Wireless subwoofer delivers deeper, richer bass sound.
  • 🎮 Offers multiple sound modes for movies and music.
  • 🖥️ 4K HDR pass-through compatibility for high-quality video.
  • 📺 Correct setup involves connecting TV ARC HDMI to HDMI OUT on the soundbar to keep TV and speaker in sync.
  • 📡 Multiple HDMI inputs on the TV allow different sources to output sound to the soundbar through the TV.
  • 🔊 Dolby Digital, DTS, and Dolby Atmos support are provided via HDMI data, but input sources must also support these formats.
  • ⚠️ Lack of compatible sources can result in suboptimal sound, so ensure your sources match the speaker's capabilities.
  • 🎚️ Choosing "Dolby Speaker Virtualizer" or "DTS Virtual:X" settings is recommended for premium audio quality.
  • 📺 The speaker's display is small and challenging to read.
  • 👍 Pros: Clear dialogue quality, simulated Dolby Atmos surround, powerful bass, wireless subwoofer.
  • 👎 Cons: Expensive for what you get, potential compatibility issues with TV sources, sound disruption when changing channels.
  • 👉 Setup with HDMI eARC/ARC connections and firmware updates may be required.
  • 🔊 The center speaker improves dialogue quality, and various sound settings offer noticeable differences.
  • 🎮 Suitable for gamers with Xbox Series X, supporting 4K HDR Dolby Vision VRR 120 FPS.
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